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1  All-Terrain Mowchine Setup / Engine, Driveline & Braking / Kohler question on: March 13, 2014, 04:09:15 PM
I have a Kohler model CH20S Spec. 64510 S/N 3319007311. This carb has a Keilin one barrel it has no adjustment anywhere I want a carb that I can dial in. Do you guys know of one that will replace the Keilin?
2  All-Terrain Mowchine Setup / Research & Development / Re: Oiling B/S opposed on: July 07, 2009, 06:08:14 PM
Thanks guys I did some research and ask some questions at a golf cart sight and they say the fuel pump off a golf cart wont move the oil. Oh well I'm gonna leave it the way it is. Ive got another complete 18 hp opposed for a back up. I'm gonna be looking thou for a pressure lube  latter on when the funds are available
3  All-Terrain Mowchine Setup / Research & Development / Re: Oiling B/S opposed on: July 06, 2009, 09:50:44 PM
Normaly that is what I would do but money is kinda tight. I already have the stuff to do it except for the cooler and I can get one of them for cheep at a junk yard. I wnat to keep this thing going as long as I can. Anyway I enjoy tinkering with this kinda stuff.
4  All-Terrain Mowchine Setup / Research & Development / Re: Oiling B/S opposed on: July 06, 2009, 07:24:27 PM
No its not a pressure lube. The pump I have is cast alum case and the diaphragm inside the pump is rubber with steel springs. But your right the pump may not hold up to the heat. I thought about that and I'm thinking if I install a oil cooler before the pump It may cool the oil enough that it may work it wouldn't need to be a big cooler. Ive seen them in pickup trucks there a small power steering cooler. Your right about the filter I think a automotive style filter relocator would work. Briggs made an opposed I think that had a filter and it wasn't a pressure lube system It just circulated the oil Thur the filter. Ive also thought about using a 12 volt fuel pump but it may run the battery down faster than the Briggs alt can charge. Like I said its just an idea rolling around in the space between my ears.
5  All-Terrain Mowchine Setup / Research & Development / Re: Oiling B/S opposed on: July 06, 2009, 03:20:27 PM
Not that I know of now, but I had to rebuild it not long after I put it in my cart. After I removed the Governor it started knocking. It basically spun a rod bearing. Yes I know they dint actually have rod bearings. But you get the point. I did some investigation at (haymow) and found out that the rod on the flywheel side had the oil hole turned the wrong way from OEM. The repair manual says to install the rod on the PTO side with the oil hole facing the cam and rod flywheel side with oil hole facing away from the cam. Well that might be OK for a bone stock engine with the governor. This all got me to thinking (which by the way can be dangerous) about the oiling on the horizontal engine it only has a slinger bolted to the bottom of the rod on the PTO side. It just seamed to me that there should be a better way to get oil to the crank and rods. I'm sure the crank shaft weights sling oil also but if oil was being shot down on the cam and crank it would help the engine live longer.The oil would also be getting cooled helping to cool the engine in the process and that would help the engine live longer too. I'm just trying to prevent another rod failure.
6  All-Terrain Mowchine Setup / Research & Development / Oiling B/S opposed on: July 06, 2009, 08:29:42 AM
OK guys and gals Ive been thinking about something for the past couple of weeks. It has to do with oiling a Briggs opposed. The Briggs uses vacuum from the engine to operate the fuel pump. A golf cart uses the same type of fuel system except it uses a external fuel pump, my thought is to use the same fuel pump the golfcart uses except it will be pumping oil to the top of the engine. I'm gonna Tee off the oil drain with a hard line to the fuel pump then to the top of the engine where it will drain off over the cam and down on to the crank and rods. For the vacuum source to operate the pump I'll just tee off the existing vacuum line that operates the fuel pump. Have any of you tried this? Like I said its just in the thought process as of now. I'm using a horizontal block also.
7  ATLMA General / The Newbie Cage / Re: hey all on: June 10, 2009, 07:00:12 PM
I think the peerless would be ok. From what Ive read they are strong built. But thats just it I've only read up on them I don't have first hand experience. The racers sure do like them right? That would be the only cost effective way I can think of to make a vertical shaft work. If your not worried about reverse I would find a horizontal shaft engine and go for it. That would be the easyest rout.
8  ATLMA General / The Newbie Cage / Re: hey all on: June 08, 2009, 07:04:40 PM
Yea I looked into the snowmobil rout and found the briggs engine for cheeep so went that way. Yes I understand about having to registering to view pics and it was a hastle but I wanted to get some idea about the build. Why not try to find a yamaha G2 or G9 rear to transplant into your cart? They have a slider gear with the shifter on the front of the rearend that has 2 cables attachet to a selector leaver for forward and reverse. Then you can use about any engine you want.
9  ATLMA General / The Newbie Cage / Re: hey all on: June 08, 2009, 12:43:51 PM
It wasn't that hard just alot of fab work. I had to make a motor mount and lift the cart to make it work. I lifted the cart 12" then lowered it to about a 6" lift just seemed to be alittle unstable to be safe. the only mods to the motor are a 2 into 1 header and removed the Governor. There's alot of info on the subject there. That thing has lots of torque. I used the stock driven clutch and belt I get about 35 mph, But that's not what I built it for. It;s for hunting and fishing so torque to pull a Jon boat is what I needed. Ill post some pics or you can go to buggies gone wild look for my build. It's under B\S 18 opposed in 91 G2. Its actually 16 hp I didn't know it at the time, the shop I got it from told me it was a 18. After I got it in the cart a rod started knocking so I rebuilt it thats when I ran the numbers and found out what it was. It was a fun build and there is still more to do. Tires and wheels are next.
10  ATLMA General / The Newbie Cage / Re: new guy - hunting mower on: June 08, 2009, 10:17:03 AM
You could use small yard cart to pull behind the hunting mower. It would be small enough you could get it in to tight places. Maby hinge the sides and attach cables to hold them level for hauling bigger game.
11  ATLMA General / The Newbie Cage / hey all on: June 08, 2009, 09:18:57 AM
hello everybody Im a 43 yr old male from kentucky. I dont have or havent built a off road mower yet, I have one in the works its an old murry wide body with 12 hp briggs I\C. My current project is a golf cart. I put a briggs 16 hp opposed in it. Im a welder\mechanic mostley big rigs. I started mechanicing when I was really young (10-11yrs old) so I know my way around a shop. Hope to be able to help some of you out and hope to learn alot too.
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